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Happy Friendship Day Celebration 2014 messages,poems,greetings,quotes

 It is a fact that real affectionate relationships emerge out of enduring friendships. Among all the eventful days that come once in a year, no one gets more attention, support and acknowledgement than Friendship Day. Friendship Day is a day dedicated to honoring and strengthening the universal values of friendship, camaraderie, trust and fellowship all over the world. Most deservingly, it is a day to recognize one's friends from all times and all spheres of life.

Friendship Day Celebrations

The most special way to celebrate Friendship Day would be hold a party for your new friends and old and have a blast. However, this idea needs a little planning and effort as you need to decide where to party, how to party, what to include in menu, what to play on the jukebox so on and so forth. Once that's done, call up your buddies and just have your fling !

Tips for Party Planning

  • Design a special invite for friends. You may include cartoons, jokes and nice quotes to set the mood of the party and tempt your friends to come over.
  • Inform your friends about the nature of the party whether it will be a day party or over-night party. Picnicking would be yet another sprightly thought for your Friendship Day party.
  • Once the kind of your Friendship Day party is fixed, decide on the menu. In case of a picnic plan for cooking with your friends. It will be great fun.
  • You may also plan out indoor or outdoor game session with your friends.
  • Also incorporate a music session with your friends. You may chose to play the music yourself, list to music or dance on it depending on the preference of your friends club.
  • Keep the camera ready and capture the precious moments on your Friendship Day party.
  • Bind your buds in the friendship bond with the friendship bands. You can make them yourself or pick them up from the store.

  • More Friendship Day Celebration Ideas 

  • Here are some ideas of celebrating Friendship Day. The idea is to spend spend quality time with your friends and have a great time. 
  • Camping Out
  • Camp out can be your chance to check out on your favorite sets of outdoor sports-trekking, beach volleyball, basketball, baseball, rugby, swimming, surfing and more in the company of your best pals. Just choose a sport which your group enjoys and take a dive into a zesty, action-packed Friendship Day celebration ! 
  • Sharing Thoughts and Views
  • For many the best kind of Friendship Day celebration is perhaps a heart-to-heart talk with a soul mate. Sharing everything that has mattered to you and your friend for so long and for so many days and catching up with each others life is a relaxing way of celebrating Friendship Day.  
  • Recollect Sweet Memories
  • A great way to celebrate Friendship Day in a memorable way would be make an album of your most intimate and special moments spent together. This can also be the most touching Friendship Day activity for you and your friend as it will help you to rewind and relive your time-tested bonding. 
  • Make a Poster
  • A great idea to celebrate friendship in a creative manner would be to create a poster on Friendship Day. For instance you may paint your name and your friend's name on it creatively and revel in the joy when your friend flashes that million-dollar smile.

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